Friday, April 11, 2008

Mia was the only girl to get to dance with Cinderella (in a Snow White costume, no less). She got her attention by running up to the roped off area (ignoring the 900 people in line to see her) and yelling, "Hey Cinderella, Where's your Step-mouver?" Mia getting to 'spin' with Cinderella. She can now die happy.

Mia with Jasmine. Andy can now die happy.

Mia has always been partial to Princess Aurora. She couldn't stop jumping up and down when she was talking to her.

Mia asked us why Belle was a 'different Belle' after she took this second picture. Our response: "Look over there at that ice cream. Do you want some?"
The ginormous fin was a little off-putting, but Mia was willing to overlook it.


Elizabeth said...

Cinderella at first glance looks like Aubrey to me! What a special time for Mia! I am so glad she is getting to experience this!

Drew said...

that looks so fun! I've always been a sucker for Belle, so I guess now I can die happy?

Tara Hobbs said...

I can't wait till we can take Kadence!! Glad you guys had fun.

Gena said...

Mia is the only kid I know that you will overhear singing 'Chim chiminey, chim chiminey, chem chem cheroo' during naptime at school. Oh yeah, I heard it all the way down the hall. :) Glad you had fun.

first time mom said...

Cinderella has always been my favorite. So glad that you guys had a great time!