Thursday, April 24, 2008

I'll sleep when I'm dead

To Do List
1. Put together fabulous new dining chairs that I purchased yesterday from IKEA.
2. Call IKEA and scream at them for leaving out one teeny-tiny part of one of the fabulous chairs.
3. Hide all the other things I bought at IKEA before Andy sees them and freaks.
4. Plan Married to Ministry luncheon with no budget - anyone want to try their hand at catering?
5. Plan New Member Dinner for our bible class, also with no budget(happens to be two days after MtoM luncheon).
6. Plan all-church missions dinner (week after bible class dinner).
7. Get ready for the marathon relay on Sunday (by get ready I mean maybe I should start training, like tonight.)
8. Get husband ready to leave for Ghana for a month. OK, technically not the entire month but I am rounding up because it makes it sound so much worse and makes him feel that much worse - thus the trip to IKEA yesterday. I swear those dining chairs are going to make my life easier when he is gone - I SWEAR!
9. Plan the coolest event in history, AKA the Bobby Murcer tribute dinner. Lots more on this fabulous event that requires me and hubby to travel to NYC to meet with current YANKEE PLAYERS later. Be still my heart.
10. Try and remember to feed children. Glance their way at least a couple of times today.
11. Pray. Pray and pray and pray that I can pull all of this off successfully. Prayer and coffee, my two best friends.
12. Quit blogging and get to work.


Ryan and Katie said...

13. Post pictures of the new awesome IKEA chairs so readers can ooo and ahhh along with you.

Suzanne said...

I agree w/ #13! I wish I had a catering business...I'd totally do it for free!

Tara Hobbs said...

Okay - so I am here to help. What is the MtoM luncheon? I can help cook, but I wouldn't call it catering. And I too would love to see pictures of the chairs!!

Gena said...

We got your back, Sum. Wait, I guess that would be your IKEA chairs. Think how good those chairs are going to feel Sunday afternoon when you come plop your weary bones down after the relay. Perfect time to start planning the luncheons. (I think I just discovered another word I don't like - luncheon. Ew.)

kj said...

Sounds like you need to be "Unmarried to the Ministry" and you'd only have about 4 things on your list!!