Thursday, July 12, 2007

Future Mother of the Year - I Think Not

The following pictures are why I expect DHS to come knocking on my door at any moment. I actually fed these horrific chicken nuggets (and I use the word chicken loosely) to my child and yes, I was conscience and aware of what I was doing.
Over 3 1/2 weeks ago Andy, Mia, and I found ourselves at Burger King one night (all this during my 22 day non-cooking streak). I ordered Mia the kid's meal and stuck the rest of her "chicken" in my purse thinking she would finish it in the car or something. Below is what I found in the bottom of my purse yesterday. Notice that the so-called chicken still looks exactly the same as when we purchased it almost a month ago. They have not broken down at all. Even mold can not grow on these things. I can only conclude that there is not one bit of natural anything in these little crown shaped nuggets (that should have been my first clue; chicken is not shaped like little miniature crowns, duh).
I am humbled and humiliated that I tried to pass this off as decent food for my child. The worst part about it is that I will probably do it again.


Lisa said...

I just can't get over the fact that BK molds their chicken into little crowns...I'm cracking up. And only Summer would find stashed away crowns in her purse a month later...I really wish we were still neighbors! Hey, maybe you can use them for a VBS prop or something.

Ryan and Katie said...

Bad idea to stumble upon your blog and read it at work. I am laughing out loud and I'm sure my coworkers know its not over work related items on my computer screen :)