Thursday, July 19, 2007

Attitude In Action

Here is my attempt at sneaking up on Mia with my camera and trying to get a picture of her pretending to be Cruella D'Ville (fitting choice, I might add).
Here is Mia hurling her hat at me after realizing that I was watching her,
And here she is after falling on the floor and having a complete melt-down because I "messed everything up."I didn't include the picture of me calling my doctor and begging for drugs - ha!


Ryan and Katie said...

There's never a dull moment in your house I am sure! I hope Mia left some personality for your son too :)

Amanda Haskew said...

I am glad to know we are not alone in all this. Abby has been pretneding "101 Dalmations" for several weeks now. These pics look like our life. Except now, Abby always has to have a dog with her wherever we go..U-bahn, strassenbahn, whatever.

Drew said...

i think it is funny that while your daughter is having a melt-down you are laughing at her and taking pictures...i can just see it and i love it!

Drew said...

ps. i try to think of new names for your baby like everyday. today I like keller. is that weird?