Friday, June 29, 2007

My Child Needs a Little Culture

We have a long-standing tradition with Mia at bedtime and it's all about tic-tacs. She loves them and she gets two before she goes to her room to rock with Daddy. Last night while I was getting her pj's on she said, "Don't forget to give me my taa-taa's." This was odd as she has been saying tic-tac as clear as day for almost a year. "What did you say," I asked, "Mommy didn't hear you." She then repeated, "Don't forget to give me my taa-taa's." I was still baffled but thought she was just being silly. I asked her again what that meant and this was her exact quote, "That is tic-tac in Spanish, Mommy."

Ok, it is officially time to expose her to a little more culture. I am thinking that the Capital Hill church is going to get some new visitors soon.

I found these pictures on our computer from an old photo session with Jana Hill - Mia was 6 months old, and unbelievably my roots weren't showing. Those were the days....

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Meredith said...

The other day, Claire saw a little hispanic girl at Wal-Mart and asked me if her name was Dora. I think we need to get out more too.
Love your blog!