Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Art is life.

Mia finished this watercolor on the last day of school before break. Her art teacher at Oakdale is the bomb-diggity. Mrs. Walsh has met Mia every week at 7 AM to work with her on special projects. I am in love with this latest piece. Mis says it's "just a girl in my head." Which  is humbling, since the only images floating around in my brain have to do with food and coffee. 
 Last week the Oakdale 2nd graders had their annual Bedlam game. Thankfully everyone (the parents) was speaking to each other afterwards. They spent the week leading up to the big game trash talking, which I have no doubt was instigated by an arrogant little blonde-headed boy named Bode.
 And speaking of arrogant little boys, Bode is now dressing like some sort of white, suburban gangster. I've tried to tell him that's not really a thing. Apparently, listening to your mother isn't really a thing either.
Bode tolerated another piano recital. And he will continue to tolerate them for as long as his mother says. And that's how you keep a little suburban gangster humble.
 Mia is finally to the point where she can pick up a piece of music and figure it out. She actually taught herself a piece and then asked her teacher if she would add it to the recital. 
If I was going to teach piano that would be my one requirement - "must know how to teach themselves everything." And then I would sit on my phone and order things off of Amazon. It's kind of similar to my parenting style.


Ryan and Katie said...

Beautiful painting! Sounds like a pretty awesome art teacher!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I like it that your teacher agreed to let her do her "thing."