Sunday, January 10, 2016

Let's just say Bode isn't exactly a deep thinker.

 So, I shamelessly bribed Bode with lunch from Chik-fil-A if he would read. It worked. Friday, I was delivering lunch to him (and three friends - he's so generous when it' comes to spending my money) and noticed the "I Wonder" bulletin board. Each kid got to dream and imagine and write what it is they wonder about the most.

These sweet kids. They wonder about heaven and space and Jesus. They wonder about why bad things happen in the world and what it would be like to live in the future or the past.
And then there is Bode:
Some people have multiple, complicated facets to their personality. Not Bode. Frankly, I appreciate his simplicity.

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Lori said...

That's hysterical! Good for Bode. Oh that life were as simple as when we were kids.