Monday, October 12, 2015

School Started, Bode Continues to Play Baseball, Mia Continues to do Theater, Great Trip to Montana, and Mia Turns 11, Among Other Things

The awkward, nervous smiles of the first day of school. Oh how I don't miss those.
 1st day lunchroom selfie:
 My heart stops every time a ball comes flying at that tiny little head.
 Apparently, little boys get pretty obnoxious when they are attempting to show-off in front of "big girls." Clearly, the big girls couldn't care less about these two little stud-muffins.
 Montana is for cousins!
 Picking fresh raspberries (and blackberries, and eggplant, and broccoli, and peppers) for an afternoon snack.
 Meeting the colts:
 If a dog won't look at the camera, just grab his face and squeeze:
 Beautiful Montana:
 Fishing with Uncle Breezy:
 Mia feeding chipmunks (aka glorified rodents) out of her hands:
 They caught our dinner:
 Sweet friends and family
 Mia has now graduated to whiteboard monitor when planning Disney trips (if you know my husband, this is a very big honor):
 Bode is in it for the cheeseburgers:
 Mia's 11th birthday at cheesecake factory:
 Having dinner with tweens always ends up taking a weird turn:
 I'm the mom that terrifies Mia's friends:
 (I'm also the mom that chaperones every minute of a slumber party, including sleeping with the girls - there will be no funny business at my house. At some point this will mortify Mia. I do not care.
 Mia's sweet besties:
 Only the best of friends are willing to get up for early service after a slumber party. There is so much morning breath, frizzy hair, and love represented in this picture:
I can't think of anything catchy/snarky/thought provoking to say to end this post. 
So, this is the end.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like you all are having some great times! Thankful!

Mark Brewer said...

20 years from now, you are going to love having done this journal, this diary, this story of your life and your kids life. What a treasure...