Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Extreme Everything

I am learning that little boys have one speed - extreme. Yesterday, I went with Bode's class on a field trip. Everything Bode did was on an extreme level. Here he is reading something - and it was loud and overly annunciated. 
He and his field trip buddy spent the entire day yelling at each other. One would spot a certain kind of plant and scream the name to the other (IT'S THE HIBISCUS IT'S THE HIBISCUS IT'S THE HIBISCUS). One found the snake cage first and yelled as loud as he could "SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I HAVE LOCATED THE SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!IT'S SNAKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GET OVER HERE AND CHECK OUT THIS SNAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My ears were ringing by the end of the day.
Notice the girl looking at the water fountain while the boys are almost in it.
 And you can forget about walking. It's physically impossible for little boys to walk.
That poor man.
My dream came true last night when Bode decided to run a 5k with me. He had never run more than a mile in his life so I was explaining to him that I would be way ahead of him and if he just followed the signs and the people he would be fine and I would be waiting for him at the finish line.
 Well, I should have known better because I ended up getting a PR only because I was trying to catch up with him the entire time. The kid was flying.
 Sweet Mia volunteered to watch little kids at the finish line. No running for this one. 
And this kid ran his first 5k in 21 minutes obliterating all other kids (and most adults) in the race. 
He takes everything to an extreme level. He's the most exhausting human I've ever been around. 
He's also one of the funnest. 


laura jo said...

Wow!! 21 minutes?!?

Jamie (JK Style) said...

I thought it would be fun to ask Henson to run a 1K with me next Saturday but now I'm thinking I'm going to be in a dead sprint the entire time trying to keep up with him. Glad it's not a 5K!

OK Chick said...

21 minutes! Geez put that kid in track!!!