Sunday, June 28, 2015

Now you see it:
 Now you don't:
I'm not talking about the braces. I'm actually talking about the thousands of dollars for our first set of braces. Here in America, one set just doesn't cut it anymore. More is always, always better.

Her doctor decided to take this set off to "let her mouth rest for a while." Because, you know, we wouldn't want it to work too hard or it might accidentally straighten her teeth.

It looks like the crisis was averted and we are right on track for the "special phase two set of braces."

For now, all we have to worry about is a pre-adolescent, whose brain isn't close to fully developed, keeping up with a ridiculously expensive retainer that can't get too hot or too cold, can't be worn while eating or swimming, yet must, at the same time, be worn every second possible or her teeth will spontaneously morph back into their former unacceptable state.

She's just a ten-year-old livin' the dream.

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