Thursday, September 11, 2014

Dear Children,

Sometimes life gets so out of control that I forget I have this blog. Well, I don't forget exactly, but I just choose to use my two free minutes to sit on your bed and talk to you about the latest book series you are completely enthralled with and how you have so many books inside your head that need to come out that you don't have time to sleep. We also talk about how you don't really want to work at Starbucks when you're in college, even though you know that is my dream for you. Your dream is to create and run your own science camp for kids. In fact, you are pretty sure you will be ready to run it when you are 12. I say that knowing you, it wouldn't surprise me one bit if you were running the world by the time you are 12. I also tell you to not throw the Starbucks thing out the window so soon.

Or, in your case, Bode, I choose to hear all about why you want to be a snake catcher when you grow up. And I watch you demonstrate how you will grab them by their heads and roll around on the ground fighting them like you're a crazed lunatic. I listen to you explain that you would never actually hurt the snake, you would just do all that fighting for the sake of the cameras - because that's what your fans will want to see. I try and remind you about college and you immediately remind me that NBA basketball stars/snake catchers have no use for college. I kind of agree with that but tell you to not write it off completely. 

So, you can understand why, after all of that, I don't have the energy to face this blog. You are both in the most wonderful stages of life. I no longer have to dress you and you can use a spray bottle of vinegar on your bathroom all by yourself. But you also still like me and want to tell me your hopes and dreams. I recognize that this delicate balance will not last forever and so I savor it. 

I store it up in my heart and then forget that I should also store it up on my blog because with all the aspartame I consume on a given day there is no way I will remember it forever.

I love you, my sweet children. And so I blog on.

Your Mother


Beth Brewer said...

Let the reader know I am in the middle of book 2 and anxious to discuss!

OK Chick said...

I think they'll understand.