Monday, August 25, 2014

First day - nothing to report, really.

So, the first day of school came and went without much fanfare. And then the first week came and went and I was like, "Oh yah, the blog." 

Once my youngest kid got past kindergarten I kind of stopped caring about all this back-to-school stuff. In fact, I think ours was the only car in the drop off line on the first day. These two walked to their classes all by themselves. I'm sure it scarred them for life. 

But, if it's any consolation, I did scribble a note on their napkins with a sharpie. And I did purchase Bode's only Lunchable for the year. The first day of school is the only day I will pay a stupid amount of money for ham that's cut into a circle, sorry kid. (but I will pay a ridiculous amount of money for coffee mixed with milk. Why? Because I'm the one with the job, that's why). Thankfully, my daughter is too much of a snob to touch a Lunchable, therefore, more coffee.

So, that's really it. First day of first and fourth grades. Great teachers, great school, Mia's first locker, Bode's first (of many) meltdown about having to "waste all of my time learning stuff when I should be playing basketball."

Life is rolling along. It's exhausting, but so, so blessed.


Michelle said...

I will not buy my children lunchables.....but I've either created the dream family for Starbucks, or the perfect example of what not to do about Starbucks....

OK Chick said...

Great picture!