Friday, September 19, 2014

Why 4th grade is fun:

Mia has been having the best time in fourth grade thus far.

And by Mia, I mean Andy.

Fourth grade is the year of projects and the only person who loves a project more than Mia is her father. The two of them are unstoppable.

Mia's latest assignment was to create a 'book-in-a-bag' where she decorated a paper sack to represent a particular book and then she filled the sack with items that represented the story.

Andy was obsessed.

He actually shoved a piece of paper into his mouth and chewed it up in order to make it look "authentic."

Don't waste your time trying to make that make sense. It's insane.

As psychotic as he is about the kids' school assignments (and I mean that as a compliment), I absolutely love the fact that I never have to sign the homework folders or read the emails. He's on it like white on rice.

As far as husbands go, this psycho is a keeper.

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OK Chick said...

I give him 2 thumbs up!