Monday, November 11, 2013

I suppose I can't expect you to understand how awesome this show was...

Maybe posting 756 pictures will drive home my point: This was such a fun show and a wonderful experience for me Mia. 
Every person in this production was so gracious to all 40 of the little rug-rats that were running around all over the place.
 Every time Alyssa got near Mia her heart skipped a beat (or was that mine?). After the first show Mia said, "I think Alyssa is the most famous person I know."
The children's' director, Saint Vanessa: How this lady didn't loose her cool about nine million times I'll never know.
 I told Mia that if she learns to sing like Alyssa I will personally dye her hair any color she wants.
Mia is so blessed to have these girls in her life. They have come to see her in every show she has been in since she was four years old.
 Cast Party Cake:
 Mia's voice teacher, Miss Kristin, had four students cast in this show. She was so sweet to come and support them.
 Mia's teacher at Oakdale, Mrs. Branson:
 It's kind of nice when your students are cast members in the same play as your daughter. You can basically threaten them to take care of your child and show her complete favoritism at all times. 
Reagan asked me to let her know when the next show is so she can play violin in the pit. She also stopped a complete stranger in the lobby to point out to them that they had just used an idiom. Shy she is not.
I am sure none of the directors, cast, or crew read this blog, but just in case: Thank you, thank you, thank you for blessing Mia with this show.

In true Mia fashion, she cried yesterday because she missed the cast and wanted the show to run "for at least, like, 3 more months or something."

Sweet girl.

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