Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to pack for 8 days at Disney World.

1. Put everything you own into some bags.
2. Go buy a bunch of stuff you currently do not own and shove it into some other bags.
3. Hand each of your kids a backpack and tell them to fill it with everything they want for the plane ride there and back.
4. Don't even think about looking in said backpacks or you'll just end up screaming, dumping it all out, and packing the stuff you want them to bring. ("Why no, son, you can not take all the leftover Halloween candy and 52 action figures. However, you can bring these nice books I bought for you and a shiny, red apple")
5. And for yourself: Earplugs, earbuds, earmuffs, a giant wad of that ticky tack stuff, whatever you can scrounge up to drown out the children on the plane would be good.

Despite the anxiety attack that I had trying to get us packed for this trip, I can't wait.

See you on the other side. I am sure to weigh 5 pounds more and be completely unbearable for at least a month. Sorry I'm not sorry.

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