Monday, June 3, 2013

What do brides, tornados, flash floods, and farms have in common?

A very memorable wedding, that's for sure.

Two of my favorite students of all time got married this weekend. (Why, yes, I do have favorites). Andy married them and the kids were in the bridal party so, obviously, I was obsessed with it. I mean, this probably should have been Abigail's day, being the bride and all, but let's be real, this was my moment to shine.
Things started off rocky the night before. They had to move the rehearsal to the church building and we spent the entire rehearsal dinner trying to pretend we didn't hear the tornado sirens blazing outside. 
Everyone had a nervous smile on their faces that said, "Of course we aren't all going to die while attending your rehearsal dinner. Don't be ridiculous!"
Deep down we all thought it was a distinct possibility.
And to make matters worse a monsoon started in the middle of the tornado warning and the ceiling of the dinner venue started leaking. Into people's laps.
Abigail was as calm as a cucumber. She was either blinded by love or just blind. Either way, she was graceful and adorable.
Thankfully, Henson and Abigail's wedding day was beautiful (Translation: thankfully my children looked beautiful on Henson and Abigail's wedding day).
Bode was nervous and kept shoving food into his mouth all day. We all have our coping mechanisms.
Getting married in a field comes with its challenges (like no power), but the pictures are so worth it.
 Case in point:
The beautiful bride:
 Bode wanted to know why brides wear dresses "with no top part." 
Bode stared straight ahead the entire time. He wasn't screwing this up for me.

Bode wanted to check out "the lake." Sadly, what we didn't know at that moment was that we would come home to our own lake in Bode's bedroom. I wish that was an exaggeration.
However, the wedding was a worth every flash flood warning and tornado siren. It was practically perfect in every way.

What's not practically perfect is ripping up brand new carpet in a house you've only lived in 8 months. I'll save that for a snarkier, more cynical post.


Michelle said...

They looked great! I'm glad Mia was there so I didn't have to show Maddie how to hula hoop! My parent's bed room flooded Friday night, so they can relate to Bode!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Looks like it was a beautiful event with perfectly adorable flower girls and ring bearer!