Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Latest Reads

This post is so boring even I don't want to read it. I am now blogging out of guilt. I'm hoping it's just a phase.


I am throwing my MIL under the bus on this one because she gave it to me with a warning that is was a little bit "colorful."

It's more than a little bit colorful. But it's so good. It's not too freaky but just enough to hook ya.

My friend, Beth, sums it up nicely.

If you're looking for a bible study to teach you how to deal with your husband when he's being an idiot, this study is not for you.

This study had the nerve to suggest I was the one that was ungodly. I was offended. And humbled.

I love the Psalms and have wanted to do a more in depth study of David for a while now. This is a great look at his life in detail.

I realize this confession will seal my fate as never being Mother of the Year, but I can't read this book without immediately falling asleep. It works better than Ambien.

The Still Point of the Turning World is a true story about a family that finds out their infant son is dying of Tay-Sachs. I could live without the constant atheist agenda, but the story itself is interesting.

Her is my favorite read as of late. I've been fascinated with biographies and memoirs lately and this one does it for me. It's about losing an identical twin to a drug overdose. I couldn't put it down.


ann said...

To offer an unsolicited suggestion, I am currently recommending "This is How" by Augusten Burroughs to everyone in the world.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

That first comment cracked me up! I was thinking about posting one about all the books I've read this year, which is about 5...and sadly I can't remember them all.

Ryan and Katie said...

Ooo i love a good book review. I will have to check out Her. The beth moore David study is our womens study for the fall and im so tempted to get it and dive in, i always am challenged and inspired by her studies.

Gena said...

I read her in about five minutes. SO so good. Re-reading Battle Hymn at the moment and am about to launch into a new one. Thanks for the book review! I want to read the colorful one, please.

Mark Brewer said...

Never boring. Thanks for sharing what you are reading.