Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Want to know what's awesome?

When you go to drop your kid off at piano and she casually drops this line:  "Oh yah, today is my recital."

After you scream in horror and frustration you look around, assess the situation, and ask yourself a couple of questions:
Well, ok, does she look presentable?  Answer: No
Do I look presentable?  Answer: No
Have I at least showered:  Answer: No
Do I have on make-up:  Answer: No
Surely I remembered to brush my hair?  Answer: No
Does Bode have on shoes?  Answer: No
Have I brushed his teeth yet?  Answer: No
Please tell me he doesn't have on that same violent looking spiderman shirt from Wal-Mart that he's insisted on wearing everyday this summer?  Answer: Of course he does.
Do I have to go?  Answer, according to Mia:  OF COURSE YOU HAVE TO COME IT'S MY RECITAL!!!  (She said that in the most calm and kind way, I wish you could have heard it.)
And then the worst feeling of all - You look around the parking lot and see Grandparents.  With video cameras.  And flowers.

Parenting fail number:  I've lost count


Aubrie said...

What!?! Not that two boys 3 and 1 would be an ideal piano recital audience, but I would have come and let them create chaos in the lobby until it was done. I'm going to need a private concert, then.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

WHOA. Who does recitals in the summer anyway?

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Wow, that's the stuff bad dreams are made of... a whole lot like the one where you show up at school, and it's the day of the final for which you never attended the class... :)