Sunday, January 1, 2012

Our week has been wonderful because...

Two words:  Star. Wars.
There is nothing like stepping on a teeny-tiny light saber.  Immediately afterwards you are humbled when your kid says, "Mommy, you shouldn't talk like that."
Mia's very own desk.  That's the wonderful part.  The part that makes me bite my tongue and physically contort is her insistence on hanging stuff like that princess dry erase board on her wall.  I thought she would keep her opinions and preferences to herself until she was at least 18.
The good news:  it's been a week, her stuff is still on the walls, and I am still breathing.  I knew I didn't have control issues.  Take that, Andy!
There is nothing like holding tiny, floppy babies that are still in that stage of life where they will blissfully sleep through 50 different people passing them around.  And there's nothing like not being around at 2 AM when they won't sleep at all (but if you need me at 2 AM, Darci, I promise I'm all yours).
And finally, our week was wonderful because we took frizz head (and apparently no make-up) to the next level.  Why groom yourself when you don't have to?  It is vacation, after all.
I am heading into my normal grieving process that happens every year when a wonderful break comes to an end.  Remember this?  It's ugly, I tell ya.  It's ugly and it's coming...


Wa Wa Waughs said...

That's what school breaks are all about - no grooming and endless playing. Glad it's been a good one for you guys!

Gena said...

I can't believe we haven't seen each other once over the break! Glad Bode got the Star Wars characters of his dreams. They can come over and battle Mario and Luigi.