Thursday, December 29, 2011

There is nothing like some horrible photography to document a wonderful day.

These pictures are just plain bad, but I've never claimed to be a perfectionist or a photographer so feel free to embrace them or make fun of them - whatever floats your boat.

All Bode asked for from Santa was a light-saber, because four light-sabers in one house isn't enough.
 There is no shortage of crazy, messed-up hair in our house.  
Mia asked Santa for a detective kit.  She thinks that her teacher is going to let her stay in from recess and solve mysteries while the rest of the class is wasting their lives acting like children and actually playing.
What can you say to that except, "You might need to find a new dream, Babe, cause that's never going to happen."
 This is a true minister's family on Christmas morning:  Having to set the timer to take a family picture because Daddy has already been gone for two hours.  I can laugh about this fact of our lives or I can cry - I choose to laugh.
 I guess I was a bad girl this year because after yet another five jabillion pictures of these four, this is as good as it gets.  After this I went and banged my head against a wall for some stress releif.
 There is nothing like a Jedi and his Daddy.
 And finally, this is what unconditional love is all about:
Boppy dressed as Darth Vader trying to destroy his grandchildren.


Michelle said...

Your family picture turned out way better then any of the 10 my Dad tried to take of us.....surely that makes you feel better!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

well I love your horrible photos! Best of luck to Mia the detective!

Catherine said...

Oh man! I don't even know where to begin with the comments! Boppy is one cool grandfather... Even with Daddy gone for the family pic -- at least the light saber made it in. Bode was clearly ready for anything... AND you should only have to do Xmas Day pics like that every 7 years, right? Xmas isn't always on Sun -- and at least we don't do Xmas Eve Mass or anything like that. Of course, that would likely make Andy a priest, and celibate, and therefore no need for family pics. But I digress. Um, what else? Oh yeah! If anyone can get a teacher to let her be Nancy Drew/ Encyclopedia Brown/ Cam Jansen/ etc. during recess -- it would be Mia. Still don't see it happening, but she's got a better shot than most.... LOVE the crazy hair. "Just keepin' it real." AND LAST! (I think) My mother got our boys light sabers for Xmas. Thanks, Mom. Can't believe our light bulbs and other breakables are still intact. Despite the "Take those things outside!" rule, we keep seeing blue and red sticks of death flashing around the house... Hey! Could Bode use another couple sabers? Ya know, just for back-ups?

Sheree Franks said...

We have the very same detective paraphernalia. We also have a trench coat for the year when Roxy was Nancy Drew for Halloween. Holler if you need it, because I know that accessorizing your child detective is uber important.