Monday, January 16, 2012

It's all in the details.

I promise you that this sweet husband of mine would not go to all the trouble to pull off these elaborate surprises if he didn't get more out of it then we do.  Thankfully we get to benefit from his hobbies.

You should have seen some of the things he did when we were dating.  Let's just say he has always thought outside the box.  That's why I married him.

To prove how serious he takes these little projects of his, check out his itinerary of the morning:
1.  Leave for the donut shop / Starbucks (tall Americano w/ one pump of mocha) at 6:55
2.     Arrive back at house and get everyone up at 7:30
3.     Eat breakfast until about 7:50
4.     “Notice” the missed Christmas present under the playroom couch and begin the investigation
5.     Prompt kids to call grandparents to see if they know anything (mom & dad will suggest they look for fingerprints on the package)
6.     Kids will dust for fingerprints – help them make the match to mine
7.     Turn their attention to the hole in the box > help them come up with what might have done it > ask them where we might find a mouse
8.     Kids will find “Jerry” in the mouse trap in the closet with an envelope in his hand
9.     Kids will find two pages in the envelope that they must decode
a.     Page 1 – use two different codes (code grid + a new one): Great job.  You are getting closer to solving the Mystery of the Missing Christmas Presents.  The next page will reveal another clue.
b.     Page 2 – write in invisible ink: The green Jedi master can tell you where the missing presents are. 
10.  Kids will go find the Yoda in Bode’s action figure drawer; he will have a speech bubble attached that says, “Look in Andy’s closet, you must.” 

11.  Kids will go to my closet to find three presents hanging inside; each present will have a sign above it and the decoder glasses will be there as well
a.     Beatles t-shirt (Mia)
                                               i.     Hidden message: Hope you like the gifts
                                             ii.     Written multicolored message: This is for Mia. Pretty cool, huh? The Beatles are my favorite rockers! Try this on when you get a chance. I found it just for you.

b.     Coloring book
                                               i.     Hidden message: You should take them with you to Disneyworld
                                             ii.     Written message: Any of you know who this is for? He is blond and uses a lightsaber. Yep. Bode! Turn the pages and check them out. They’re made with black paper. I think you should try it out later. Doesn’t it seem neat? You will have fun coloring these cool drawings.

c.     Sgt. Pepper’s t-shirt (Summer)
                                               i.     Hidden message: You have two hours to pack. Love Dad.
                                             ii.     Written message: Maybe you know who this Beatles shirt is for. A very pretty woman who loves me and you very much. She is the most spectacular, rocking wife and mom. I love all of you very much. Dad

12.  Mia will read the regular messages and then put on the glasses to read the encrypted messages
13.  Pack for Florida!

Laugh all you want.  I just spent a week in Disney World and didn't have to do a thing.  Andy rescheduled hair appointments, dentist appointments, found people to cover a few obligations that couldn't be rescheduled, arranged for the mail, the dog, and the fish to be taken care of, talked to Mia's teacher and had all of her work ready to do on the plane, rescheduled her piano lesson, bought her a new swimsuit, got the kids new jackets, and did laundry at 1:00 AM so we would have everything that we needed.  

All I had to do was put on some dorky super cool decodable glasses and read this: Hope you like the gifts.  You should take them to Disney World.  You have two hours to pack.  Love, Dad.  

And then jump up and down with my kids and scream like a seven-year-old girl.


ann said...

Wow. Bravo, Andy! Well deserved treat for an awesome family.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

too much fun...I'm still trying to figure the color-coded messages out !

The Seat House said...

Simply amazing!!!!

Chellie said...

That is awesome!!

Krystle OBryan said...

That's awesome!!!

Michelle said...

I'd make Jeremy read this but introducing new things to him during basketball season isn't ever a good least ones that aren't involving basketball!

OK Chick said...

That is AWESOME!!!

Alyssa said...