Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas, Chickasha style:

Which for my children means no grooming what-so-ever.  Mismatched pajamas, hair matted to their heads, teeth covered in high-fructose corn syrup - we're classy like that.
I'll have you know that shirt I have on has a holly leaf and a dove - that's as Christmasy as I get without being ironic.
 Remember my brother-in-law with the foot that was rotting off of his leg?  That's him (and my sis) and his foot is still there!
 A bear hug from DD is like a little piece of heaven (and a slight fear that if he hugs you any tighter you might be going there sooner rather than later - but still totally worth it).
 No dinner is complete without some booty shaking.

 I love bed-head present opening pics, reminds me of my childhood.
 If Yaya would not have whipped up a Jedi Knight costume, Bode would not have continued to exist.
What do you get this little girl for Christmas besides an agent and a recording contract?  A microscope and an experiment kit, that's what.
I just ran a brush through Mia's hair for the first time since Wednesday.  
I'd say that's what you call a successful Chickasha trip.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

If you can't let your hair down around family, where else could you? Fun times!

Alyssa said...

Looks like lots of fun! Our oldest children are very alike! Like her choice of presents!

Kelly T said...

I'm really glad I read this while I'm at my in-laws. I now have managed to (with no tact whatsoever) shove the picture of the jedi-knight costume in my mother-in-law's face and tell her she has a new project awaiting her. Good thing Will's birthday is in 2 months. :)