Thursday, November 11, 2010

Baby Daddy

I realize that not everyone wants to hear me gush about my man, and if that is you, simply click that little x at the top of the page.  No offense taken.

When I left for college I told my mom that I was going to find a man with brains and background.  I lucked out and got that plus much, much more.

Spiritual Leader - check
Hands-on Father who volunteers for lunch-room duty - check
Provider - check
Funniest person ever - check
Eats Taco Bell at midnight - check
Loves the Old 97's as much as me - check
Teaches our kids to read - check
Vacuums and cleans toilets every Thursday - check
So I suppose you are wondering what there is to complain about?  
And the answer, of course, is absolutely nothing.
But because I'm a woman I have searched, evaluated, and nitpicked to death in order to find that one thing that I need from him that he is not currently mastering.  
I'm just trying to make him the best he can be.  I like to look out for those I love.  
And here it is:  Andy isn't a runner.  In fact, he hates running and prefers to not walk unless absolutely necessary.  
I have been demanding begging patiently asking him to run with me for the past couple of years.  
To no avail.  
So, I started praying that one day he would be open to the idea of running in a race with me. 
And wonder of wonders, the other day, with witnesses present, he agreed to train for the Memorial Marathon Relay!  (I secretly took that to mean "I am ready to commit my life to running multiple marathons with you" because I am sure that is what he meant.)
I could not wait to get this monumental event documented.  And I plan to incessantly remind him, at least 50 times a day, how much he is going to love it when we start our training schedule because that is totally motivating and not annoying at all.

I. Love. This. Man. Period.


Kayla said...

One question. Are you blessed with an amazing man or are you just really good at manipulation/threatening ;)

Wa Wa Waughs said...

So happy for you! I wonder if my husband felt that way when I finally gave up telling him how much better walking is than running....and joined him in the half-marathon last spring???

Elizabeth Mullins said...

What a guy!

Sheree Franks said...

Wish my husband loved the Old 97's as much as I do, but he does not think Rhett is cute or talented or handsome etc. You go Andy.