Thursday, April 1, 2010

Tell me that's not the cutest kid (with the biggest noggin') you've ever seen.

You wouldn't believe that just yesterday it took four time outs and 45 minutes of screaming to get him to put on his shoes,
or that he flooded my bathroom and kitchen floors,
or took one bite out of four different apples,
adamantly refused a nap,
and obviously would have nothing to do with letting Katie cut his hair.
But darn it if that smirky little smile doesn't get me every time.


D's Mom said...

I agree with you that he is adorable!!

And I know exactly what you mean. My kids' smiles melt my heart.

Lisa said...

His profile shots look so much like Mia! Sounds like you guys had a fun day. :)

Gena said...

Did you get a new camera or something? I love the blurred background.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

I hear you on the flooded bathrooms...I had two yesterday! Cute kid for sure! Only thing that keeps them alive on some days I'm sure of it!

Team Hudkins said...

Very cute. Sounds very similar to a rugrat at my house.

Alyssa said...

Did you hear that that cute kid liked the Easter bunny at SSS this year? Progress! Again, thanks for letting me stop by. Operation convince husband I need an organizing system has begun.