Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you don't want to hear about how my kid's a genius then this post isn't for you.

Come to think of it, this entire blog may not be for you.

My eldest child loves herself a project.
The bigger and more complicated the better.
So for Easter dinner I gave her the charge of preparing dessert and this is what she decided to make.
She spent hours painting each family members pot to represent them. She painted a "fancy, fashion woman" on my sister's pot and gave her huge knockers. I had to pretend I was having an allergy induced coughing fit when I saw it.
She doesn't take to laughter very well when she is in her creative zone.
My kitchen was unrecognizable when she finished these babies but it was so worth it.

Although Andy did almost cut his thumb off on the food processor blade so he may not have thought it was worth it.

But it was, trust me.

They happened to be delicious.
But more importantly, she was so proud of herself, as was I.

And if this doesn't scream genius, I don't know what does.


Kayla said...

those do look yum. I might have to make that!

Aubrie said...

I left my pot! I need to get it back!

Clint and Marilyn said...

Great job Mia!

Weston said...

very impressive! What kind of ice cream did she use?

Alyssa said...

She is a genius. And those look great.

Natalie Hudkins said...

I am convinced she's gifted. I am still impressed by the zebra she made at Unpluggits! Way to let her run with it.
And my kids brush their teeth sometimes in the bathtub too.