Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Day 3, Day 3...

...swine flu gives you energy.

Apparently nothing can keep this girl down. She sang show tunes at the top of her lungs in the rain tonight.

And the TV was officially turned off when Mia started saying things like, "Mommy, you have got to get this new bra with a wire thing," and "Oh my goodness, Mom, there is this cleaning thingy that gets in hard to reach places."

It dawned on me that Mia has never really seen commercials in her entire life thanks to DVR. She only watches two things and they are both always pre-recorded. Today officially justified the COX DVR bill. I will never question it again, Honey. That's a promise.


Kayla said...

Yea, mine tell me I should get the ab roller thing?! Maybe you should tell her you'll get the cleaning thing if she'll try it out and see if it can get in every small place in the house!

Beck said...

We have DVR in our house. This week we are staying at my parents' house to dog sit, they have NO DVR. Lemme tell ya, it sucks! We haven't watched a commercial in about 2 years...until this week. I hate TV without DVR. I too, will never bitch to the hubbs about the DVR bill again. Lesson learned!