Wednesday, April 15, 2009

So once again Ahmo pulls out all the stops...

Seeing as how I will never be able to accomplish in ten years what Ahmo can accomplish in a day, I conveniently sent her this adorable tutorial from Grace Violet . Low and behold a week later, we have peg doll necklaces. Their names, from left to right: Queen of Dresses, Queen of Madelines, Queen of Blackheads, Queen of Everything, and Queen of Roses. I kid you not.
I explained to Mia that the reason there are so many was so that she could share them with her friends and since Raegan was coming over we should probably let her pick one out to take home.
She was thrilled with the sharing idea, can't you tell?:

Finally after much weeping and gnashing of teeth she announced, "Fine, Raegan can take Blackhead."

And so she did.


Gena said...

Tell Mia that Blackhead was my favorite. We would love a matching Whitehead.

kj said...

Now THOSE are cute!!!!!!!!

Kayla said...

So cute!'ve given me another craft idea to do! I also added her blog! I don't have much time searching for craft ideas but always love an excuse to go to hobby lobby!

Kristin said...

Oh my goodness - those are adorable! And I completely understand about not wanting to share; I had a hard time handing them over to Georgia and Chloe.

Runningmama said...

Your kids are so friggin cute!!!!!!!!!!!!

I do not want a baby girl. I do not want a baby girl. I do not want a baby girl.

I have to chant that after visiting you and Gena's blogs. Boo hoooo!!!!!!