Tuesday, April 14, 2009

I overheard this last night.

Andy: Bode this is a blue truck. Hi, blue truck. Look at the blue truck, Bode. Pretty blue truck. Oh good, pat the blue truck.

Andy: Bode, where is the blue truck?

Andy: No, son, that's your nipple.


Gena said...

Oh my. Thanks for this. This will probably be the funniest thing I hear all day.

And I'm sore....oh so sore. Thanks for letting me tag along.

Beck said...

Oh my gosh, too funny! Landon is totally into his nipples right now, and sadly...hie weiner too, LOL. Ugh, boys!

Brandi said...

Kids and their nipples - it must be the most fascinating thing they have ever discovered!

Gena said...

This post is not getting enough comments. I'm still laughing. Folks, the rule is, if you even crack a smile.......you comment. Plain and simple. ;)