Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Why there are 227 flies in my house

In case your wondering that is an entire stick of sidewalk chalk in his mouth:I am starting to sympathize with the Egyptians. However, if keeping your back door open ALL DAY means your 1 year old is happy, then what's a few hundred flies?


Clint & Marilyn said...

Same thing going on at our house, the flies drive me crazy, but Wesley's happy, so maybe the flies aren't too bad.

Mom Spark said...

Same thing at our house! I become crazy when they touch me.

227 was a great show!

Gena said...

That's hilarious, because I've been meaning to do a post about how much I hate flies and the fly graveyard in my kitchen windowsill.

Elizabeth Mullins said...

Corban is obsessed with getting the fly swatter to kill the flies. Then he wants to look at them after they are dead. Then he asks if we eat them. All boy for sure.

Gene said...

40 years ago, a man named Glen Nance ran OC's cafeteria. The food was fine, but you know how college kids are...largely unappreciative....esp. when Saturday was 'beans' day. He served pinto beans and cornbread as the main part of the meal. Every Saturday. No exceptions. Some of the kids got tired of it, and of Glen as well, and they hung a sign over the entrance to the cafeteria: " Eat at Glen's...10 million flies couldn't be wrong!"
It was funny (still is!) and it was true. There were legions of flies. All in all, great memories, though-- flies and all!