Saturday, March 22, 2008

Mama Drama

Want to know how to get through your kids surgery? Drugs. Lots and lots of drugs. Oh and the kid could use some drugs too, of course.

I am slightly disappointed in how quickly Bode bounced back from being cut open. I was secretly looking forward to a week filled with a sleepy baby who would require several extra naps. But, much to my dismay Bode is back with a force that can't be stopped with all the codeine in the western hemisphere.

I did get a few pictures of the five short minutes after surgery where he was actually quiet and still.

This is right after surgery. Sad.

"I will pay you back for this, you know."

In all seriousness everything went better than we could have anticipated and we are so relieved to have this behind us. The worst part was handing him over to 'Uncle Whore-hay' (aka Nurse George, and yes, I know that is not how you spell that but wouldn't it be funny if it was?) and watching him be taken to the OR.

And for all you Moms out there who have a kid that is going to have to have surgery on their nether-regions be sure and opt for the baby epidural (there is a scientific term for this but I can't pronounce it, much less spell it). The kid in the room next to us had some sort of similar surgery but he was just put to sleep and didn't also get the epidural thingy - not good. He screamed his head off the second his eyes were opened and it didn't stop for over an hour. Granted Bode was put to sleep and temporarily paralyzed but at least we didn't have to endure the screaming. Wait, we did have to endure it. Every person on the third floor had to endure it. But at least it wasn't our kid. All this to say, paralyze your kid. It is so worth it.


DeeDee said...

I am glad everything went well. I would be a mess too. I get teary eyed when my kids gets shots, I don't know if I could handle surgery.

Drew said...

poor little guy! I'm so glad everything went well. I've been praying for him!

See you in a couple days!

Gena said...

I've missed that little guy. Glad to know NOTHING slows a Lashley baby down.