Monday, March 31, 2008

Come on over

Hey Ladies, Karla Taylor is making her blogging debut on Married to Ministry. Check it out - and leave her some comments. Let's show her some bloggin' love!

Also, we are discussing family budgeting and moving to a new congregation on MtoM. I would love to hear your take on these subjects if you feel so inclined (and even if you don't).

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shawn and emma said...

I can't remember how exactly I stumbled onto your blog but somehow we have someone in common somewhere, because I'm a member of the Church too and I guess I was on a friends blog and just started blog hopping. Anyway, I am so glad you posted that site! I am a preacher's wife and I'm so excited that I've found a blog that discusses just that! It will be a daily blog I visit now! Thanks!