Saturday, March 29, 2008

Katie Wins

Katie was right. Tonya Harding and the Uni bomber. I couldn't find ice skates anywhere but the mall bangs were pretty much a give away.

You win my dedication and undying affection.


The McDowells said...

I was hoping for some sort of monetary prize.

runningmama said...

This is Andi Hawkins (formerly Andi Baker at OC) Oh my gosh Summer your blog is so freaking funny. I dont even know how I found it except I recognized a last name I knew from Heather Fowlers blog and went from blog to blog etc. I just started my own blog and so Ive sort of become a crazed blog-reading lunatic after I lay the kids down for the night. Thanks for the laughs -- your kids are gorgeous and I am glad Bode is hernia free! CHeck out the Hawkins if you want:

Take care,