Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Vomit Soup

Here is a recipe created by Mia. Follow it closely and I assure you the pounds will just fall off.

1 handful dry pinto beans
1 handful dry navy beans
2 handfuls Cheerios
1 handful dry spaghetti noodles
5 old ketchup packages from the KFC/A&W combo restaurant
6 old mustard packages from the KFC/A&W combo restaurant
23 pennies
16 nickles
8 dimes
2 cups of water
1/2 cup liquid hand soap
3 pumps of antibacterial hand gel

Stir ingredients together. Let sit overnight until all liquid is absorbed. Pretend like you are taking a bite so that your three year old will shut-up about it and let you throw it away. Accidentally get some in your mouth. Run to bathroom and throw up. Come back and try and convince three year old to move on to another fun game. Accidentally smell it again. Return to bathroom....Repeat.

Now if this won't help you shed those holiday pounds nothing will.


rebeckaoneal said...

you are so funny i would never let JaySea create a meal for me their is no telling what i would be eatting!!! I asked Mia about the dolls hair today she looked at me like i was crazy.. and said that the dolls name was aubrie!!!

Drew said...

haha, me like vomit soup!

Chrissey said...

Ha...I got sick just reading about it! What a great diet! Can she come over and make it at our house?! :)

D's Mom said...

This made me laugh. What a brave mom you are! :)