Friday, January 4, 2008

Having to choose only one thing to sleep with at night, oh the horror. If Mia needs 32 beanie babies, 28 Disney figurines, one Madeline doll, one Sleeping Beauty Barbie, and two sippy cups to go to sleep, then by all means she can have them.

"The Bodester," as Mia now affectionately calls him (that is, when she is feeling affectionate towards him which is about 30 seconds out of every day).


Drew said...

is she over the michael jordan doll??!

I have to sleep with 2 pillows over my head or i cant sleep.

Suzanne said...

Mia makes me laugh out loud!!!

I think the bodester is precious!!!

Chrissey said...

Bode looks like he's on all fours in that he fixin to crawl? Kellan can't get on all fours get...he's too chubby!:)

Aublog said...

Yeah, you better tell Bode he can't grow any more, or learn anything new until I get home!! Only 2 more days! (WEdnesday night)