Friday, January 11, 2008

I love Europe

And I especially love my fabulous brother and sister-in-law who go there for two weeks and bring back all these awesome clothes for my kids. Thanks guys. You can go back anytime so long as you leave all your things behind and stuff your bags to the exact weight limit with amazing gifts for me and my kids when you return. BTW - I survived my first week of bikini boot camp. If you want to feel like your dying a slow and painful death in an illegal prison torture kind of way then I would recommend it.


Amanda Haskew said...

Maybe you can make a trip of your own soon. I hear Vienna is nice in the spring.

Drew said...

cute stuff! I like to send my sis and bro stuff for their kids from the H&M in boston because it reminds me of europe. maybe i'll send bode something...IF i ever meet him!

ps. i am just going to sleep and I have a feeling you are just waking up!