Friday, June 29, 2007

My Child Needs a Little Culture

We have a long-standing tradition with Mia at bedtime and it's all about tic-tacs. She loves them and she gets two before she goes to her room to rock with Daddy. Last night while I was getting her pj's on she said, "Don't forget to give me my taa-taa's." This was odd as she has been saying tic-tac as clear as day for almost a year. "What did you say," I asked, "Mommy didn't hear you." She then repeated, "Don't forget to give me my taa-taa's." I was still baffled but thought she was just being silly. I asked her again what that meant and this was her exact quote, "That is tic-tac in Spanish, Mommy."

Ok, it is officially time to expose her to a little more culture. I am thinking that the Capital Hill church is going to get some new visitors soon.

I found these pictures on our computer from an old photo session with Jana Hill - Mia was 6 months old, and unbelievably my roots weren't showing. Those were the days....

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Just Singin' In My Panties

Last night we decided to try and record Mia singing some of her Disney Princess songs in Boppy's studio. This is always a touch and go process as she doesn't normally perform on demand. However, after several attempts she finally sang the "Sleeping Booty" song (I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream) until the very last stanza when she decided to start speaking in tongues. The end of the song sounded like something off of one of those late night televangelist specials.

As for the panties - don't get too excited. She only wears them as a fashion statement and occasionally to humor us and make us think that she really is ready to use the potty. So far today, we are on our fourth pair. I actually just begged her to put on a diaper and end all of this but she refused. She rather enjoys holding me hostage and robbing me of my last stitch of sanity.

Well, I am off. Apparently it is time for the "Beast" (me, ironically enough) to dance with "Belle" (Mia) in the snow (carpet).

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

I have no pictures of myself

What happened in the past 2 1/2 years that made me unphotographable (is that even a word)? I can not find one picture of myself to post on my profile. I am serious. Of the 123,456 pictures that have been taken with our camera since the birth of Mia, there is not one picture of just me. After looking through my millions of photo albums on Yahoo Photos I started to lower my standards. "Ok," I thought, "it doesn't have to be just me, surely I can find something fairly recent of the three of us, or even a decent one of Mia and me." Nope. Doesn't exist. There is just picture after picture of the kid. I have more pictures of her on the pot (one) than I do of myself. If something ever happens to me, there will be no proof that Mia even had a mother except the fact that someone had to be behind that camera pushing the button.

On another subject, this is what happens on Thursdays when Andy is in charge of the wardrobe (a Clash t-shirt and Chuck Taylors). I do have to give him props for the bow.