Monday, November 19, 2007

That's My Man

I guess they did need him more than we did....


Laurie said...

Well, it looks like he had a good time. How long was he gone for?

Did you get my comment that my blog has moved? It's at

Laurie said...

What is your email?

Laurie said...

PS mine is

Drew said...

wow, thats really cool. It will be exciting when Mia and Bode are old enough to go too.

Stuff like that will change their lives.

Drew said...

Also, if you can, please be praying for my sister and her adoption...the Guatemalan government is really making things hard on them and a lot of other families. Check out my blog for more details. (You don’t have to add it the link but if you could just be praying that would be great. Thanks!!

Lisa said...


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