Thursday, March 16, 2017

The time I ran the greatest race in the history of all the races.

So the BRPE and I went to Disney World to run the race of all races - the Disney Marathon. Lemmetellya, it's the best race I've ever run. Hands. Down.
If you ever want to run a marathon that doesn't really feel like a marathon, then this is the race for you. Because, Disney.
 It was so fun that my psycho-face was in full force. I couldn't help myself.
 I'm the only person in the world that can run a marathon and still have three chins. I give up.
 Imagine all the fireworks, all the Disney parks, all the characters, all the music, all the people cheering - all the stuff that makes Disney amazing all rolled into one race and then multiply that by 100, and that's how much fun this was.
Also, we killed it. No one crashed. No one (me) cussed up a blue streak. No one puked. No one cried. No one fell over in utter exhaustion. It was the race of all races.
I've compared running a marathon to labor and delivery. This was the scheduled-c-section-right-before-you-get-to-the-miserable-point-of-pregnancy-but-right-after-anything-dangerous-could-happen-to-the-baby kind of thing. So, basically, perfect.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You deserved it! Runner envy.

Beth Brewer said...

Also fun for cheerleaders!

Mark Brewer said...

It's not real clear here. Did you have a good time?