Monday, September 5, 2016

School started and stuff.

School started with minimum fanfare. It's like the kids are finally resigned to their fate.
Bode has a new (to Oakdale) teacher for third grade this year. She was naive enough to let Bode and three of his bffs sit together. After six days her positive resolve faded into the sunset and she rearranged the seating chart.  
 Mia started 6th grade. And just as I predicted, she's come home every day with homework and an attitude. 
This is the first year Bode has been old enough to kind of get into the Olympics. This was his official Olympic watching outfit. Our family had our own Olympic sport of seeing how much ice cream we could shove into our mouths during the timed events. Bode won. 
 And it turns out the Olympics makes us all painfully aware of how much talent we don't have. In order to cope, we watched YouTube videos of Olympic divers belly flopping, and then laughed hysterically at their failures.  We are amazing parents.
 And while we are on the subject of amazing parenting, every time Bode sees a giant hole in the ground, he assumes it is there specifically for him to pee in. I don't even care anymore. 
And, without further ado, I present to you my daughter, AKA woman-child, AKA woman. She is officially wearing my clothes and my shoes and here is the real kicker: She looks better in them than I do. 
Dear God, get me (and her) through this season relatively unscathed. That's all I ask. 

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

So many things to love in this post! I want to know if Bode did that at the GC! No, probably too populated...