Monday, February 10, 2014

Totes Adorbs

My third grader used this phrase the other day and the urban dictionary confirmed that it's an actual thing. OMG. YGTBKM.

But if anything is totally adorable (that took so long to type out I had to take a break and come back to it) it's this kid baking cupcakes and delivering them to the neighborhood.

He asked me to post these pictures to Facebook and to be sure and let everyone know that he delivered them to the neighbors in the freezing cold all by himself. 
His humility is inspiring.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

LOL...classic...I sense a sermon illustration from this! :)

Aubrie said...

With Bode delivering handmade goodies, and Henson being our neighborhood trash man, they could be the 'Caring Cousins'!
Yes, I did just throw that out there.
Yes, I'm totally serious.

Jamie said...

OK, Bode is just as cool as Henson always tells me he is. Any time I have ever mentioned Bode's name Henson stares at me with a look of both shock and awe, cocks his head to one side and says "YOU know Bode?" Every time. It's like he's a celebrity we've both met before. Or he's surprised Bode would ever associate with me. That's probably it.

OK Chick said...

I sure wish I lived close to your family. I would love some homemade cupcakes.