Friday, February 7, 2014

More reading - most of which only I would find fascinating.

These latest two reads were required for a class but I really enjoyed them both. I don't know if you have ever heard about the bell curve controversy (of course you haven't, it's a nerd thing) but if you don't have a life and want to dig deeper into intelligence and nature vs. nurture this topic is for you. 

If intelligence is basically genetic (like The Bell Curve suggests) then, welp, you're kinda up a creek. And is the American Dream achievable? And what about the underprivileged? Say it ain't so! Why is life so unfair?!? I need coffee or chocolate or a cocktail....anything! (That's only a snippet of the reaction I had to this book.)

And this book just tried to debunk everything in the above title. It made me feel a little more hopeful about the world. But not much. (It still required a lot of comfort in the form of food and caffeine).
Thankfully, I was reading this wonderful little nugget at the same time. It didn't restore my faith in humanity at all, but rather restored my faith on our Maker and Creator. Once again I feel I must apologize for the artwork on the cover (come on, Jen, you can do better!) but this is basically a step-by-step guide to journaling through the bible. I love it. I am currently journaling my way through Matthew and it is changing my life, I tell ya, changing. My. Life!
Currently, I am forcing all of my friends and acquaintances to take a battery of intelligence tests. It's required for a class, but I am loving it. I tested Andy for brain damage last night. My hypothesis and the actual results didn't add up on that one. Tonight's test - autism spectrum disorder. I'll find something wrong with that man if it kills me....


Ryan and Katie said...

The first two sound very intriguing but I do hate it when I read a book (or watch a documentary about how awful all our food choices are) and feel hopeless at the end of it. I do think I'll read the third one though!

Wa Wa Waughs said...

I think you finally told us about some books I can skip...except I do like Jen Hatmaker!