Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Speaking of bandwagons...

I have been trying to jump on the coconut oil train lately. My kids' pediatrician thinks the entire family should have a tablespoon of this stuff everyday. 

I can't do it.

I can use it as eye make-up remover, and moisturizer, and shaving cream, and cuticle oil - I smell like a walking Pina Colada.  But I can not bring myself to scoop out a hunk of this and just swallow it. 

No can do.

I tried to put it in my coffee (per the doctor's suggestion) and it looked like the BP oil spill of 2010. 
In a smoothie? Think tiny little pieces of vaseline in your drink. 

In baked goods? I'm too much of a baking snob to substitute anything for pure unadulterated butter. Period. End of discussion.

I've taken spoonful to mouth several times and it just isn't happening. It feels like I'm about to commit a huge sin or something.

So how do you get your kids (and yourself) to ingest this guaranteed-to-change-your-life-for-the-better-but-looks-just-like-Criso stuff every day?

I'm open to suggestions that don't gross me out.


Ryan and Katie said...

I use it to make popcorn on the stove. I melt some in the pot, then pop the kernels in it, then pour some more on top like I would butter and add salt. It might be easier to stomach or add to things if it's melted and not in its "crisco" state.

Chellie said...

I like Katie's idea. I do use it to replace a tablespoon or two of oil in random recipes. I think if you mix it in just the liquid of a smoothie before adding other stuff it would be less chunky. If it's able to liquify before you put in the frozen stuff maybe it would be better. Good luck.

Rachel O said...

Oh man, I use it for everything. The brand that you have pictured above doesn't have a huge coconut flavor so eating a spoonful of that IS like eating crisco. But there is a brand I buy from amazon.. Nutiva that tastes really coconutty. I like the flavor of coconut so I can eat that with a spoon!


But I sub it 1 for 1 for butter in all of my recipes. Banana bread, cookies, RICE KRISPIE TREATS (Um awesome)... if you don't like a hint of coconut flavor then use the spectrum brand. I believe the "extra virgin" kind is has more coconut flavor. I've used it to stir fry too. And really I rarely even taste it.

I also use a teaspoon of it to coat the pan before I make scrambled eggs, instead of Pam non-stick spray.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

LoL...ignorance is bliss sometimes! I have no idea the health benefits of this substance.

ann said...

I actually tried "oil pulling", and coconut oil was the only palatable one. And by palatable I mean I could actually swish it around my mouth for a few swishes. I will say it did leave my mouth feeling extremely clean or something, but I didn't last very long doing that. Might be an alternative...


Kayla said...

We use it all the time but for heaven's sake I would never take a bite of it! We use it as an olive oil replacement or butter replacement. It's REALLY good on baked sweet potatoes with sprinkled cinnamon!!

The McDowells said...

We use/eat coconut oil everyday! I have been oil pulling every day with it too. It is really gross the first couple times, but once you get use to it, it isn't a big deal. It is really good for treating stomach bugs as well. I eat it off the spoonful and give it to the kids every do often. I only make Seth eat if he says he doesn't feel good. I agree with Katie about the popcorn, that is the only way I pop popcorn. I also cook eggs in it too. I will wrap up, but I read a book called The Coconut Oil Miracle and it has lots of good info.