Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Fourth of July Fail, among other things

When my kids were little I worked so hard to get the perfect picture of them and now that they are old enough to sit still and smile on command I no longer bother. 
Case in point: 
This is all I have to show for the 4th of July. It they were toddlers I would have tossed candy at them and stood on my head for an hour trying to get them to look at the camera.
I guess I used up all my energy, because these days I just hold the iphone up and hope one of my kids gets in the frame. No focus, no zoom, no flash. Just a half-hearted snap and I call it good.
Anyway, our 4th of July tradition is still just as fun. The older Bode gets the more likely it is that he will stay clothed all the way through the event (I kind of miss these days). He did pee on a tree in plain view of the entire town but that was only because I insisted he not use the community port-a-potty.
It turns out you're never too old for light saber battles, in public.
Sunday our church celebrated it's 50 year anniversary. Andy decided that it would be a great idea for us to plan an old fashioned pot-luck lunch for 2,500 people. It almost ended our marriage, but somehow it all came together and we are speaking to each other again.  Even if the entire thing would have ben a disaster it would have been worth it to receive the most amazing "side dish" ever:
A sweet lady (whom I'm fairly certain does not have a computer, let alone internet) brought in this 6-pack (with one missing) of Kool-Aid as her side dish. Now that takes some confidence. If you do happen to see this post - you are awesome. You march to the beat of your own drum and you don't let anyone define what a side dish is for you. Kudos!
And these sweet little future casserole bakers dried 5 million utensils. We teach 'em young at MRCC.


Alyssa said...

Happy late 4th! I am back to reading and possibly blogging. Sorry we missed the big 5-0. Heard it was great! Love the side dish! Wish I had brought it! But that would go against my rule-following side.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

So you don't have fantastic photos for the fourth...that's the way it goes. Yes, you will have to endure the kids rolling the eyes for the next decade at every pic. Just keep it up or you'll regret it!

I hated missing the 50th since that is 44 years of my life, but we had our vacation planned before we knew of it. I decided it was a good thing because honestly I think I struggle with worshipping the church instead of worshipping God sometimes. Yes, I do love MRCC!