Sunday, May 5, 2013

Now, where were we?

The Thunder eked by to the next round of the play-offs.
 And this sweet girl had a piano recital.

 Mia has outgrown every single thing my mom made her for the summer.  Yaya originals are the only reason I'm upset about that. Brand-new never-been-worn Yaya clothes. It's a crime.
It looks like Mia wasn't a fan of the country/cowboy unit:

This Edmondite isn't going to put up with things like walking, and dust. 
Oh, the humanity!


Heidi said...

So true Mia. She nailed t.

Heidi said...

Chelsea will pick a Yaya hand-me- down every day of the week. She adores the dresses, looks beautiful and always reminds me that it was Mia's first, then Cianne's and now it's just right for her.

Wa Wa Waughs said...

Sounds like the teacher gave them a real education in that!

Michelle said...

She says she doesn't want to be a cowgirl until she follows true love all over the state to small country towns usa.....