Monday, December 24, 2012

Why, yes, that is my child wearing fake, oversized hipster glasses.

I really couldn't care less.

Speaking of my oldest kid, she came up with the sweetest idea ever.  And the best part: We managed to pull it off without a crying fit of rage because things were not going according to her very precise plan.  It truly was a Christmas miracle.

Mia decided she wanted to do something for the people in the hospital that didn't have any cards or flowers in their rooms - the people that may be especially lonely this time of year.
She made ten cards and took her own money and bought roses for ten patients.
We took them up to Mercy Hospital tonight and asked the nurses to deliver them to some of their patients.
Although her plan was to remain completely anonymous, she didn't mind one bit when the nurses introduced her to one of the recipients.
As we left the hospital I told Mia I was proud of her.  She replied, "I know, so am I."  

I'm glad she knows that making others feel good feels really, really good.  I pray she spends her life feeling this kind of good over and over again.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

That is awesome - and a sweet reflection of the kind of giving parents she has!

Ryan and Katie said...

You are raising a good one!

maresa said...

I am so proud that I have tears streaming!

Gena said...


ann said...

Your child has a sweet heart. As someone who was in the hospital through Thanksgiving and Christmas a few years ago, I assure you she had a profound impact on those she came into contact with.