Thursday, December 27, 2012

A cuter flag salute leader there is not.

Bode invited everyone, and I do mean everyone, to his Christmas program at school.  He invited his family, every one in our small group, the grocery clerk, you name it they were expected to be at Clyde Howell last Friday afternoon sitting in miniature chairs in his tiny little classroom.
After I uninvited about 50 people to his program I had to try and explain to him that this was a "parents only" situation.  This is made more difficult given the fact that his sister was just in another big production that everyone and their hairdresser came to watch.
The day of the program he started complaining that his stomach hurt and that he "was probably going to throw up but I will just tell my teacher to leave a path to the bathroom for me at the program, Mom."  I was willing to risk it if he was.
I realize no gift card I could get that sweet woman would make up for a kid puking during the program, but when an adorable pre-ker has a flag salute to lead he will not be stopped.
There were several times during the show that he zoned out and started swaying back and forth and looked kind of green, but he held it together for the sake of the show.
Andy and I were beaming with pride, and then we looked at his hair.  Oh well.
No one plays a better oatmeal container, that's for sure.
And in case you're ever bored, we have 45 minutes of video documenting the entire event.  Merry Christmas!

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Wa Wa Waughs said...

Pretty sweet. Looks like he's enjoying it!