Tuesday, May 8, 2012

It's beginning to look at lot like chaos...

...everywhere you go (if you are in my house, car, or inside my mind, that is).

I'm about to leave the country with these two darlings.  I only have 1,243 more things on my to-do list, which means I am right on schedule.
And before you blow up this photo, dig your kid's little magnifying glass out of the toy box, and call your best friend to ask her if what you are seeing is real I'll go ahead and tell you:  Yes, that is my child in the front seat holding my other child without seat belts.  (Sometimes I don't consider the OC loop a "real" road.  Like, when one of my kids is sound asleep and I'm terrified of waking the little monster.)

I'm trying to get them ready for the crazy driving I hear about in Brazil.  I'm doing them a favor, thankyouverymuch.

If anyone would like a fish or a dog forever for the rest of the month, let me know.  I have one of each.

I fully expect my children to come back completely mature and wise beyond their years.  There is no doubt in my mind that they will be perfectly behaved, have zero meltdowns, and will forget what it means to whine.  It's going to be awesome.

In case one of my many recurring nightmares comes true and there is no 24/7 wifi, I will see you in June!


Wa Wa Waughs said...

You can do it - I can't wait to hear about your adventures!

Gena said...

Nice attempt at lowering the front seat so you're not busted by security. You know, they're real police officers now. :) DON'T LEAVE ME BECAUSE I DON'T HAVE ANY OTHER FRIENDS AND DON'T KNOW WHAT I WILL DO WITHOUT YOU GUYS FOR TWO WEEKS!

Ok, I may have other friends but none that I call three times a day. What will become of me?

And we'll take a fish. I can't guarantee that my abcessed stinking $220 guinea pig won't give him some sort of disease. But hey, we love pets around here!

Alyssa said...

You are doing great Summer!! 1234 things left to do? You will get them all checked off, I know it. And we can take care of doggie. But we will have to give him back at the end of 2 weeks. I seriously can only handle our 2 full time.