Thursday, May 10, 2012

If Mia understood the point of a diary she would be furious with me right now.

Thankfully, she does not.  At least not in the sense that she writes her darkest secrets in it or anything - yet.  However, judging by her love of writing, drawing, and her massive accumulation of notebooks and sketch pads I am sure that day will come very soon.  

And I assure you that when it does, I will still be reading her diary.  Partly because I want to know what is going on in that head of hers and partly because I am too weak to resist the temptation.  

But last night she showed me these two pages and I melted.  When I am allowed a glimpse inside my child's heart my own heart grows like three sizes.  Sometimes I totally remind myself of the Grinch.

Check it out:      

"I can tell time."                                                                  

"I like Star Wars, Harry Potter, and boy stuff even
 though I"m a girl.  I don't like Polly Pockets, 
Barbie, or doll house."          

"I think everyone should be free like me and 
not have to live a life as a slave."                                   

"I think that all of us should be nice to              
everyone especially to our enemies."

"I think we should all be clean and 
obey the Lord." (I'm glad being clean is a priority.)

"I think it's ok to be unique no matter 
what people say."

Dear Mia,

If this is a fake diary you have written to throw me off, you have done a great job and you are kind of a genius.  And if this is the real deal, I am giving you ice cream for dinner for the rest of your life.

I pray you always believe this, sweet girl.  And when you doubt, because we all do, please know that I will be right here, reading your diary, and helping you through it.




Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wow. I think Mia needs her own blog.

Candice said...

LOVE, Summer!!!! So encouraging to see the thoughts of a sweet, innocent child...thanks for sharing (Mia may not thank you, but I do)!

Alyssa said...

Love it.

sonorthend said...

You rock Mia! I like Star Wars and Harry Potter too!

I am so proud of her for thinking about slaves needing to be free, you must be so proud Summer! She's so thoughtful.