Saturday, July 2, 2011

Now you see it,

 Now you don't.
So long ugly-red-brick-from-1972.  You won't be missed.

A word about paining brick:  If you're even slightly suicidal don't do it.  It will send you over the edge.

I was inspired by this happy-go-lucky couple, which should have been my first clue. When you look up "perky" in the dictionary, you see a picture of this family.  Which isn't a bad thing, but let's just say our personalities aren't even close to similar.  (Although I do love everything about their site.)

Anyway, they make this little project look like a walk in the park, a Sunday afternoon stroll through a field of clover.

Each individual brick took about 12 hours to prime and paint.  And then there was my husband who just laughed in my face every time he walked through the living room and chanted "I told you not to do this, I told you this was a bad idea, I refuse to have anything to do with this project because I think it's ridiculous," over and over again until I poured paint thinner in his drink.  That shut him up real fast.

Let's just say stresses were running a tad bit high.  However, I am pleased with the finished result and am relieved to be out of the insane asylum.

Next up: Filling it with cute little pieces of wood.
Me and a chain saw should make for an interesting post.


Wa Wa Waughs said...

Wow. That really did update it! I'm proud of you for finishing such a tough project with no help! (we've all been there)

Gena said...

Looks great, Sum.

ann said...

You have sent me into a swirly twirly dark spiral of going through the Young House Love blog. :-P

Fireplace looks awesome!

Leigha said...
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Leigha said...

Looks awesome! I bet you had to look at your frame a lot!?! 'Keep calm and carry on' LOVE it! Can't wait to see it with the wood inside, that will be perfect....for hiding little army soldiers in ;) lol! No really, it will look SO good!

Gena said...

Please call us before you start chainsawing....Erick.

Ryan and Katie said...

it looks great!!

Catherine said...

Okay, first off: love the look! Every time you do a home improvement post I feel incredibly inferior. But that's not your problem. :-) Second, Tim is like Andy. His favorite quote: "It ALWAYS takes longer and costs more than a person thinks it will." Not helpful or inspiring. At least Andy let you do it. Love my hubby though I do, he adores the '70's wood paneling found throughout our abode. Won't let me paint over it or anything else. I know. Bummer. Thirdly, when I look at the wood in the fireplace all I can think is: black widows. It's cute, to be sure. But seriously, black widow nirvana. Sorry for such a long "comment!" It's like a post of its own! Oh well.

Alyssa said...

Oh my goodness...what a transformation! I was not offended by the red brick - I like red brick. But the newly painted/primed brick looks fantastic!!

Allison Harms said...

WOW! Love it. And I agree, I hate when people or sites make projects seem easy and they are SO. NOT. But you did a great job! Looks awesome.