Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Santa did indeed stop by the Lashley house.  I wasn't even around to witness it as our oldest had concocted a plan for her and me to sleep in my bedroom so she could hear the reindeer when they landed.  She left the reindeer food on the front lawn and she couldn't possibly sleep in her bedroom because her window faces the backyard and what if she missed it and she would just totally freak out if she didn't get the chance to see them and on and on and on and on and on until I finally closed my eyes and said, "Make it stop."  That actually didn't work but a Bendryl did (for me, not her).

 Felicity was the highlight of Christmas......for me.  I finally got an American Girl Doll after all these years.
 Bode was thoroughly confused and unimpressed with his bike.

 Andy's grandfather wanted a picture of him and his first great-grandchild for the new book he is writing.
 And Bode didn't want to be left out.  "You're not getting in the book in that apron, kid."

 I simply can't get enough of little girls and their dolls in matching pajamas.
 I am sure this is the first of many matching outfits for the girls.  If my dolls and I had matching smocked dresses there is no telling what Yaya will come up with for Mia.
 Thanks for the pj's, Ahmo.  Now can I get a pair?  (kidding, kind of)
 Bode was feeling a little left out this Christmas.  He actually asked me if he could get an American Girl Doll next year for Christmas.  I said maybe when he's six.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Merry Christmas to ME!

I'm tellin' ya, you've got to get yourself one of these husband people - they're the bestest!

And a reservation at Texas de' Brazil (He planned the dinner after he made the booklet.  I should give it back and demand that he add another page to it.  But then he may just take the whole thing back. I better stay on my best behavior.)  

So it looks like there will be another post about cheeseburgers in the near future.  I'll try to contain my excitement if you will.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Ode to Joshua

This week we had the pleasure of spending time with Joshua, Andy's first cousin (yes, i said first cousin).  Joshua is the epitome of precious.  My children loved bossing him around, and he happily obliged.  Bode was in heaven.  Finally a family member that can share in his love of all things Buzz Lightyear. 
Bode also had the pleasure of introducing Joshua to our filthy lifestyle.  Yes, Dana, that is dirt caked all over the picnic table.
 And, yes, they did eat graham crackers and yogurt smoothies in the bathtub (but I would like some points for actually bathing them, thankyouverymuch).
Who's going to say no to two three-year-olds begging to wear matching Buzz pajamas?  Not me.
And Mia loved Joshua because he has not yet been micro-managed by her to the point of rebellion.
And I loved Joshua because I found out that he still takes three-and-a-half hour naps every single day.  And for the sake of full disclosure I did the unthinkable and allowed myself to wonder what it would be like to have a child that took a nap.  And it made me kind of jealous for about five minutes.
Would I trade psycho-face boy for 3 hour napper boy?  Well, maybe for a couple of days.

Monday, December 20, 2010

Goings On

Christmas Party at school.
Mia's a very contemplative cookie eater.

 I heart this kid.
 Bode will "fight" with dogs for hours.  
 He's our little Jacob (from Twilight).
I take that back, that's totally disturbing.

 Bode begged for this rocket ship. 
 "Ask your DD (grandpa) and ye shall receive."  That's Bode's favorite bible verse.
 I'm only posting this because my sister told me not to. 
If I looked that good without make-up this blog would contain only pictures of me, without make-up.
This year's Chickasha Christmas did not include someone with a stomach virus or a horrific ice storm.  Third year's the charm!